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The Northern White Sun is the new single by the italian djent/prog metal band The Giant Baba that precedes the release of the album Apocalypse, scheduled for April 2024.


The song tells of a dystopian and post-atomic future in which humanity has now come to destroy itself, nature and climate, after having lost its values.

Having reached the pinnacle of his evolution, man has bent technology and science to his thirst for power and obsession with controlling everything, going so far as to use nuclear weapons in a devastating all-out war, the ultimate revelation of his destructive nature.

Humanity is on the verge of extinction, and the world plagued by atomic radiation is illuminated by the faint white light of a sun that the devastated atmosphere shows far away and dull: the sunset of a doomed and already dying planet.

The Sound

The sound of The Giant Baba is characterized by the union of two 8-string guitars and a drum set, which merge into a real wall of sound that characterizes the unpredictable melodies generated, which range between different musical genres, touching post metal, prog metal, djent and fusion.

The listener is catapulted into post-futuristic sidereal environments devoid of time, logic and rules. An interweaving of parallel worlds, in which polyrhythms and musical virtuosity project the listener's imagination into a real musical "journey".


Sound engineer: Lachlan Smith
Filmmaker: Gilberto Pietresato
Location: M2F Studios